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00 EXpedition: West Antarctica

77°50′47″S 166°40′06″E

  • McMurdo Station

  • Whillans Ice Stream

  • Byrd Surface Station


Ian Whillans

Gordon Hamilton

Derrick Lampkin

Peter Jackson

Ian MacKenzie

Peter Wompery


Austral 1993 (November-December)

Expedition included researchers from Byrd Polar Research Center (The Ohio State University) lead by Dr. Ian Whillans. Team deployed to west Antarctica with first stop in McMurdo, for a week and half. Then two weeks at remote camp (Out-B) along Ice Stream-B (Whillans) then a week at Byrd Station. At Out-B, we conducted GPS surveys of embedded poles along margins of ice stream to derive velocity and strain. At Byrd Station we measured daily surface accumulation rates. During this expedition, I collected data for my undergraduate senior thesis.

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